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Jet Edge Corporate Profile: Industry Leader In Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet Technology

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Jet Edge has been a pioneer in ultra-high pressure waterjet equipment since 1984. We remain steadfast in our mission to provide our customers customized equipment, configured to their unique cutting applications. We partner with you to design and build the equipment to your exact specifications and then provide the technical assistance to ensure its optimization on your plant floor.

We also pride ourselves on manufacturing the most durable equipment in the Waterjet Cutting Systems industry. Higher quality components and more rugged construction produces a workhorse that will lower your overall total cost of ownership. Our extensive line of high pressure and ultra-high pressure pumps fit a wide range of production volumes and aggressive applications. For example, the X-Stream Series of intensifier pumps can cut parts up to 50% faster, while running multiple cutting heads. Providing best-in-class service is also paramount to our mission.

When you call Jet Edge for service on your waterjet equipment, you will speak to a live human being, not a recorded answering service. Our service technicians embody a service attitude, making themselves available 24-7, 365 days a year. We ensure our service technicians have the education and experience to solve problems quickly and provide free technical training to your own maintenance staff in order to keep your system up and producing for your customers. And when you need to order waterjet parts, you can count on getting them quickly thanks to Jet Edge’s goal of a 99 percent on-time spare parts delivery program.

Contact us to learn more about Jet Edge Waterjet Cutting Systems in your shop or to arrange a test cut or full engineering analysis for your cutting application.

Jet Edge Milestones

Jet Edge, a subsidiary of Possis Corporation, enters the waterjet market with a 36,000 psi mobile line and 55,000 psi precision cutting line 

After retreating Iraqi troops set fire to Kuwait's oil fields, coalition forces use Jet Edge portable waterjet equipment to cut off oil well heads.

TC/American Monorail purchases Jet Edge from Possis Corporation 

Jet Edge purchases Chukar WaterJet Gantries

Jet Edge builds a new 100,000 square-foot facility and relocates to St. Michael, Minnesota

Jet Edge introduces 100hp 90,000 psi (6,200 bar) waterjet intensifier pump

Jet Edge announces technical partnership with Michael Waltrip Racing.
Jet Edge introduces Mid Rail Gantry waterjet cutting machine.

Jet Edge introduces 50hp 90,000 psi (6,200 bar) water jet intensifier pump

Jet Edge helps stop Gulf oil spill with special underwater waterjetting equipment.

Jet Edge opens sales, service and showrom office in China.

Jet Edge receives Minnesota Governor's International Trade Award.

Jet Edge Mission, Vision, Values

A Message from Jet Edge, Inc.

Jet Edge's EDGE X-5 5-Axis Waterjet features the Aquavision Di industrial PC controller.

Water will cut virtually anything...including costs!

Edge X-5: 5-Axis Waterjet Jet Edge's EDGE X-5 5-axis waterjet system with Aquavision Di controller cuts complex taper-free and 3D parts from virtually any material.

90,000 PSI X-Stream Waterjet Intensifier Pump

Cut Faster with X-Stream Pressure!

Jet Edge's 90,000 psi X-Stream water jet pumps achieve much faster cutting speeds and drastically lower operating costs compared to traditional 60,000psi pumps, enabling users to increase productivity and reduce part costs.

Jet Edge's Mid Rail Gantry is available in a wide range of sizes, 5'x5' to 24'x13'.

Edge X-3 Mid Rail Gantry Waterjet

Capable of cutting complex parts from virtually any material, this workhorse water jet system is designed to provide years of dependable service in harsh industrial environments.

A work horse: Jet Edge's IP60-100 UHP Pump

Jet Edge - Pumps for your application

A pump is the heart of every waterjet application and durability is often mission critial.

Product Categories of Jet Edge, Inc.

Abrasive Cut-Off Machines
Abrasive Flow Finishing Machines
EDM, Wire Type
Gear Cutting Tools
Job Estimating Software
Laser Cutting Systems
Machining Flex Lines
Maintenance & Repair
Plant Maintenance & Repair Equipment
Plasma-Arc/Plasma Cutting Machines
Plastic Cutting & Slitting
Pumps, Coolant
Sawing Machines, Contour
Software, CAD/CAM
Software, Machinability Databases
Software, Nesting
Software, Other Manufacturing
Surface Treatment & Coating Equipment
Water Filtration & Treatment Equipment
Waterjet Cutting Machines

Trade Names

EDGE X-5 with Aquavision Controller
High Rail Gantry Waterjet System
Mid Rail Gantry Waterjet System
X-Stream xP90-100 Intensifier Pump