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3D printed sand core

Commercializing Sand 3D Printing in the New Tech Belt
Youngstown-area Humtown Products supplies both conventional and 3D printed sand cores and molds to foundries around the world. But sand tools for castings may be only the beginning.

3D Printer Parts Made with 3D Printed Tooling: ExOne Walks the Walk

3D Printer Parts Made with 3D Printed Tooling: ExOne Walks the Walk
Accelerated timelines, fast design changes and low volumes — in many ways, 3D printing is the right market for 3D printing. ExOne’s newest generation of machines includes parts vacuum formed on 3D printed tools developed by Catalysis Additive Tooling.

aluminum mold cast in a sand 3d-printed tool

3D Print the Tool to Cast the Mold to Make the Part
3D-printed molds to manufacture parts are familiar, but what if the mold itself was made with a 3D-printed tool? Catalysis Additive Tooling proves out this concept in a mold for a fiberglass part.

Denis Bruncak, president and CEO, D-Terra; Shawn Dodson, chief operating officer, D-Terra; Rick Shibko, director business development, Catalysis Additive Tooling; Jesse Shibko, business management and development lead, Catalysis Additive Tooling; Jared Crooks, director of engineering, Catalysis Additive Tooling; Darrell Stafford, CEO and president, Catalysis Additive Tooling; Jack Stafford, direct print lead, Catalysis Additive Tooling; Mason Estep, SmokeTech

Fast-Tracking the Supply Chain with 3D-Printed Tooling, Strategic Partners
Catalysis Additive Tooling is building a one-stop supply chain for production quantities ranging from one to one million. 3D-printed tooling and relationships are key.

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