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Hirschmann Engineering, USA, Inc. offers this precision self centering vise allowing a cost effective and universal method to quickly clamp different types of work pieces for five sided machining. The vise comes mounted on a pallet and is ready for use in our System 9000 Zero Point reference system for manual or automated loading. Depending on the Zero Point clamper used, it can be quickly and accurately clamped parallel to the machine table or at 45° and 90° indexes. The standard 80mm width reversible jaws allow a wide range of clamping possibilities for part sizes 0 to 190mm in length our width. Optional available jaws include Prism Jaw replacements for holding rounds, Raw Jaws that can be milled to match part geometry and Universal Jaws with additional features. Optional jaws of 125mm width are also available for support of wider work pieces. The vise can easily adapted to hold multiple parts simultaneously by using the optional Twin-load Jaws which come in three different heights.

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Hirschmann µ-PrisFix H1.5000 & H1.5005

New Hollow Clamping for Work Pieces

Hirschmann Engineering USA, Inc. is offering the Stainless Steel Hollow Clamper µ-PrisFix H1.5000 for use in a variety of EDM applications.

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