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New Hollow Clamping for Work Pieces

Hirschmann Engineering USA, Inc. is offering the Stainless Steel Hollow Clamper µ-PrisFix H1.5000 for use in a variety of EDM applications. This new product provides quick and accurate clamping of work pieces mounted to the new Hollow Pallet µ-PrisFixH1.5005. The H1.5000 clamper is pneumatically opened using 6 bar compressed air and closed via spring pressure. Also incorporated in this workholder, are Hirschmann’s patented µ-PrisFix reference system clamping accuracies of ≤ 0.002 mm. The H1.5000 mounts directly to the center of Hirschmann’s hollow rotary submersible tables or fixtures designed for an array of uses, including micro drilling. With a height of just 35 mm, it is suitable for applications requiring machining operations within 75 mm of the hollow pallet.

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H9.1613ZSK Self Centering Vise

Hirschmann Engineering USA

Hirschmann Engineering, USA, Inc. offers this precision self centering vise allowing a cost effective and universal method to quickly clamp different types of work pieces for five sided machining.

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