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Farsoon Technologies expands to North America

September 21, 2017 - Farsoon Technologies has begun direct sales, training, integration, and support operations in North America with the opening of our Sales and Support office located in Round Rock, Texas, a suburb of Austin and the birthplace of Selective Laser Sintering. Farsoon Technologies determined quickly that having US-based operations was key to the continued growth and executional strategies in this new age of Advanced Digital MFG solutions.

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Farsoon Technologies - Americas (Round Rock, TX)

From its conception in 2009 Farsoon Technologies commitment to an open technology and open material strategy with a core mission of advancing customer-centric solutions which will decrease the cost per part, total cost of ownership, and increase the value proposition in additive manufacturing technologies.  Dr. Xu Xiaoshu, founder of Farsoon Technologies notes: “Farsoon Technologies will continue to strive to become a global leader in the advanced digital manufacturing field offering our partners and customers solutions that are innovative and cost-effective to optimize their supply chain management goals. Central global operations in three key markets, China, North America, and Europe will be key growth strategies for the future of Farsoon.”

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Farsoon Technologies - Headquarters (Changsha, China)

In April 2017, Farsoon Technologies began the search for the team to assist in establishing this venture and a location in North America to base its operations from. As Dr. Xu worked with many in the industry over the past twenty years he reached out to industry veterans such as Chuck Kennedy (VP of Operations), Daniel Delgado (Director of Customer Support), and Phillip Conner (Director of Advanced MFG Solutions) as all worked with Dr. Xu in the mid 90’s at DTM Corporation, the first Selective Laser Sintering company in the world. The team was put together in June and began searching for operational headquarter locations. This search is over and the group has begun finalizing and preparing for our operations with the opening of our Demo/Integration center in September 2017. While it is still very much a blank canvas, this location will serve multiple purposes in our lean operational start-up strategy in North America. Systems are being installed in the coming weeks (eForm, HT403P, and FS271M) and we expect to have our Demo Center open by October 1st, 2017. We are working on plans for an official grand opening in early 2018 with an announcement planned over the coming weeks.

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From left to right: Dr. Xu (Founder), Chuck Kennedy (VP of Operations - Americas), Phillip Conner (Director of Advanced MFG Solutions - Americas),  and Daniel Delgado (Director of Customer Support - Americas)

“While this has been an eye-opening and sometimes painful process because of the tremendous growth in a vibrant city like Austin, we are pleased with the progress to get operational in a relatively short period of time," said Chuck Kennedy (VP of Operations). Chuck added, “ Knowing Phillip and Daniel for over twenty-five years really helped in all of us coming together with the rest of the team to get this project rolling so quickly.

The goal of Farsoon Technologies in the Americas is first to put down our footing in the Austin area with the Demo/Integration center, and then to begin development plans for further expansion including securing a building site for future growth. Farsoon Technologies plans to introduce manufacturing, R&D, and advanced solution centers in North America over the next few years. Farsoon currently has multiple opportunities for both direct employees and value-added resellers for our products. For more information, please visit our website at www.farsoon.com or contact us directly at info@farsoonam.com and (512) 387-7224.


A Message from Farsoon Technologies - Americas

Farsoon Technologies’ HT1001P Polymer Laser Sintering (PLS) System

Farsoon HT1001P Beta Program begins in North America

Frankfurt, Germany and Austin, Texas USA November 12, 2018 - Farsoon Technologies - Americas, located in Round Rock, Texas, is pleased to announce the evaluation program of the new HT1001P large-platform additive manufacturing system.

The Next Evolution in Production

Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution (CAMS)

September 29, 2017 - Farsoon Technologies announces the first step into their new Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution (CAMS) concept.

Farsoon Technologies 403P Series

Farsoon and BASF Continue Collaborative Partnership

September 11, 2017 - Farsoon Technologies, an industry-leading 3D printing system provider, and BASF, the world's largest chemical company continue their five-year collaboration to provide high-performance 3D printing systems and materials.

As Seen In Additive Manufacturing

Farsoon 403P Series Reduces Cost for Part Production
RAPID 2020: Farsoon 403P Series is said to be a powerful and versatile platform for plastic laser sintering.

Farsoon Offers Metal AM Production Machines
Formnext 2019: Farsoon’s FS301M metal system features a 305 × 305 × 400 mm build cylinder suited for larger-sized industrial applications as well as versatile single or dual laser options for improved productivity and efficiency.

Formnext 2019

Formnext 2019 Emphasizes Complete Additive Manufacturing Process Chain — Well Beyond 3D Printing
The biggest AM event gets bigger. The sophistication of attendees advances. Materials, digital tools and postprocessing are prominent. Here are 10 impressions of this year’s show.

Video: What is Selective Laser Sintering?
SLS is a powder-bed process for building polymer parts. How does it work and what can it do? AM talks SLS with Farsoon.

Essentium’s HSE 3D printer

AMUG Conference Highlights Industrialization of Polymer 3D Printers
Exhibits at the conference this year included various examples of 3D printers being rethought and redesigned in pursuit of the speed, economy and reliability of industrial production. Polymer printers are leaving behind their roots in prototyping.

Peter Zelinski, Additive Manufacturing Media, and Chuck Kennedy, Farsoon

Video: Selective Laser Sintering for Production of Large Parts
SLS offers a production option enabling large, precise plastic parts to be made cost-effectively in quantities generally too low for injection molding.

Farsoon Technologies’ HT1001P production polymer laser sintering system

Farsoon Sintering System Improves Build Processing Workflow
Rapid 2019: Farsoon Technologies’ HT1001P production polymer laser sintering system is said to optimize workflow between phases of the AM process.

Farsoon HT1001P polymer 3D printinger

Farsoon Launches Beta Test Program for HT1001P in North America
The beta test program focuses on a recently launched Farsoon Continuous Additive Manufacturing Systems (CAMS) 3D printer for polymer laser sintering.

Farsoon printer

Farsoon Technologies’ Large-Volume Polymer 3D Printer Debuts in U.S.
The HT1001P, Farsoon's new large-volume polymer 3D printer, is set to be beta tested by two U.S. companies later this year. The system will eventually offer three tiers of automated production.

 Farsoon FS121M Sintering System

Farsoon FS121M Offers Multiple Spot Diameters for Metal Sintering
The Farsoon FS121M, an accessible small-frame metal laser sintering system, enables the operator to select between multiple spot sizes and recoating blades.

past presidents of amug

AMUG Conference Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Record Attendance
Photos capture some of what I saw at the event this year. As this event continues to grow, it will need to adapt in order to continue to fulfill its valuable and long-standing role of serving AM’s users.

Farsoon FS421M continuous additive manufacturing system (CAMS)

Farsoon FS421M's Rail System Quickly Exchanges Build Plates
Rapid 2018: Farsoon Technologies’ FS421M continuous additive manufacturing system (CAMS) is designed to be an entrant into continuous AM metal production, enabling open material choices and platform configurations.

Farsoon FS3300PA (PA12) polymer AM parts postprocessed with AMT's vibratory grinding technology

Farsoon Collaborates to Integrate Postprocessing Solutions
The machine builder will work with Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) to integrate automated postprocessing with its technologies. 

Farsoon eForm plastic laser sintering AM system

Farsoon’s Entry-Level PLS System Produces Detailed Parts
New processing systems and specially developed control software help the eForm achieve the functionality and power of an industrial AM system. 

Farsoon’s 403P additive manufacturing system

Farsoon PLS AM System Combines Flexibility, Efficiency
The polymer laser sintering system combines an open platform with a high-efficiency roller system, removable powder cartridge system and temperature control system.

The Farsoon FS1000P CAMS system.

Farsoon FS1000P Features Continuous Batch Production
The CAMS polymer 3D printing system features a large build-volume and high temperature capabilities.

Farsoon Round Rock Demonstration Center

Farsoon Technologies to Host December Open House
The event will include the first U.S. introduction of Farsoon's Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solutions (CAMS).

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Additive Manufacturing Machines for Metal Parts
Additive Manufacturing Machines for Polymer Parts
Material for Additive Manufacturing - Metal
Material for Additive Manufacturing - Polymer