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As Seen In Additive Manufacturing

AM Helping AM: 3D Printed Build Plate Detects Build Failures

AM Helping AM: 3D Printed Build Plate Detects Build Failures
Ultrasonic additive manufacturing produces a build plate with embedded sensing, allowing for real-time measurement of the condition of the build. If a failure occurs during selective laser melting, this plate will reveal it immediately.

Additive Manufacturing with Sheet Lamination

Additive Manufacturing with Sheet Lamination
No longer limited to paper, Sheet Lamination bonds sheets of material together to form an object. Companies are now expanding to different materials for sheet lamination, exploring the growing possibilities of a process that started with gluing and stacking hundreds of colored sheets of paper together.

Can 3D Printing Make a Better AM Build Plate? The Cool Parts Show S1E5
Ultrasonic metal additive manufacturing was used to create a build plate aimed at making powder bed fusion more effective. This episode of The Cool Parts Show looks at a part by AM, for AM.

AM 101: Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing

AM 101: Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing
Going from additive to subtractive can be simple with Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM). What is it and how does it work? Learn the basics in this 101 post.

The Cool Parts Show, Episode 1: This Rocket Fuel Injector Is a Solid Part That Contains a Working Motor
Our new video series debuts with a look at a solid metal part made through additive manufacturing that was built with a motor embedded inside. The motor sealed within the part adjusts the rocket’s fuel mixture while the rocket is in flight.

Rapid +TCT

10 Impressions of Rapid + TCT 2019
The largest additive manufacturing exposition in North America is now a mature industry trade show. Here is what the editors of Additive Manufacturing Media saw at this year’s Rapid + TCT.

Fabrisonic SonicLayer 1200

Fabrisonic Hybrid Enables Solid-State Bonds at Low Temperatures
Rapid 2019: Fabrisonic LLC releases its SonicLayer 1200 machine which offers Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM) technology at an affordable price, the company says.

bracket made with Fabrisonic’s Ultrasonic additive manufacturing technology

Fabrisonic's Ultrasonic AM Integrates Sensors into Metal
Rapid 2018: Fabrisonic’s Ultrasonic AM technology uses solid-state welding to integrate temperature-sensitive components into 3D-printed metal parts.

Additive Manufacturing Conference Speaker: Mark Norfolk

Additive Manufacturing Conference Speaker: Mark Norfolk
The Fabrisonic president will be one of the speakers at the October 20-21 conference in Knoxville, Tennessee, focusing on industrial applications of additive manufacturing.

High-Frequency Production
The additive process that grew out of ultrasonic welding provides an efficient way to produce complex work, including parts with embedded components and even parts made from dissimilar metals.

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