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As Seen In Additive Manufacturing

ESD wrist-strap

Installing a Metal 3D Printer, Part 4: Prevention and Mitigation
PADT’s fourth blog entry in a five-part series about their experience installing a Concept Laser Mlab Cusing R metal 3D printer tackles safety risks with a focus on prevention.

Safety chart

Installing a Metal 3D Printer, Part 3: Safety Risks
PADT’s third blog entry in a five-part series about their experience installing a Concept Laser Mlab Cusing R metal 3D printer tackles safety risks and ways to mitigate them.

Concept Laser MLab Cusing R

Installing a Metal 3D Printer, Part 1: Equipment
When PADT installed a Concept Laser Mlab Cusing R metal 3D printer, the company documented the process from beginning to end. The first in a five-part series.

3D-printed shift knob

3D Printing a Metal Shift Knob for Faster Cooling
Metal 3D printing and design thinking enabled an engineer to create a shift knob designed to cool rapidly inside a hot car.

Rey Chu, PADT; Ann McKenna, ASU Polytechnic School; John Murray, Concept Laser; Don Godfrey, Honeywell

ASU's New Additive Manufacturing Center Brings Together Academics and Industry
The new facility is the largest academic AM center in the Southwest United States.

Can filler valve assembly

Metal Additive Manufacturing Enables Spare Parts on Demand for Beverage Filling Plants
The ability to 3D print metal parts for the beverage filling industry as needed saves cost over conventional methods.

Concept Laser metal 3D printers

Video: Safety Is No. 1 in Metal AM
John Murray of Concept Laser discusses safety, quality and automation as they relate to additive manufacturing for production metal parts.

Dr. Tracy Albers, rp+m, and John Murray, Concept Laser

rp+m Pursues R&D toward Additive for Production with Concept Laser Machine
rp+m elaborates on its adoption of powder-bed metal additive manufacturing technology.

additive manufacturing equipment

IMTS 2016 Product Preview
Preview some of the AM technologies to be exhibited at the International Manufacturing Technology Show.

QM Meltpool 3D map image

Inspect the Part As It Grows
The 2016 IAMA was awarded for a technology that monitors thermal radiation to map the internal consistency of a metal part as it is being made. The technology might point the way to an entirely new paradigm for inspection.

light cocoon car

Modular, Lightweight Car Design Made Possible through Metal AM
The concept car’s frame is built on load-optimized nodes that could only be made with additive manufacturing.

Safety Tips for Metal AM
Additive manufacturing with metal powders poses a number of safety risks, but the right precautions that can help protect against them.

QTD drill with round coolant passageways

Additive Manufacturing Makes Subtractive Cutting Tools
Cutting tool manufacturer Mapal leveraged additive technology to produce smaller versions of its through-coolant insert drills.