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As Seen In Additive Manufacturing

Air Force Research Laboratory, Boeing and Thermwood Partner on Low Cost Responsive Tooling Program
The Air Force Research Laboratory, Boeing and Thermwood partnered to evaluate the functionality of Vertical Layer Printing (VLP) using high temperature, autoclave-capable materials on a Large Scale Additive Manufacturing (LSAM) machine.

LEAPLPT blades from the GE9X

GE Announces Additive Manufacturing Breakthrough in Commercial Aviation
Additive manufacturing is fulfilling its promise in the aerospace industry more than any other, as evidenced by more than 300 additively produced parts that help compose the new GE9X engine. GE Aviation has brought industrialized next-generation aerospace through additive manufacturing.

Oerlikon, Boeing Partner to Standardize Metal AM
The collaboration is intended to create standard practices and materials for producing AM parts for the aerospace industry.

Solar Atmospheres thermally treats 3D-printed components

Solar Atmospheres Treats FAA-Certified AM Aviation Parts
The aft gallery supports produced by Norsk Titanium AS will be installed on a Boeing airplane.

The Aircraft Imperative
Reduce cost, reduce weight—to the extent that additive manufacturing can do these things, it represents a promising method for making aircraft parts. While important constraints currently prevent additive manufacturing from seeing more widespread use in aircraft production, these constraints might not be what you think. Here is a look at additive manufacturing within Boeing.

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