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Autodesk Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing Software to Make Great Products

Autodesk manufacturing software helps you machine, print, inspect, and fabricate better quality parts, faster.

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Expert high-speed and multi-axis CAM software

PowerMill helps you manufacture molds, dies, and highly complex components with maximum efficiency and quality from your 3-axis and 5-axis machines.

As Seen In Additive Manufacturing

Retraction Footwear Is the Sustainable Manufacturing Business of the Future
Retraction Footwear offers a new way of buying flip-flops that are made to suit each customer. But the company also represents a new way of thinking about production, in a circular economy loop that encompasses material, design, manufacturing, product and end-of-life.

Top 10 Stories of 2019
Additive manufacturing’s advance into aerospace, metal 3D printing, enterprises and production top the list of the most-read stories of 2019.

robot-based additive manufacturing system at Addere

The Promise of Robotic Metal Additive Manufacturing
Addere’s robot-based laser system builds using standard weld wire. The company was spawned from a robot integrator, and that background has been valuable for both overcoming the challenges and perceiving the possibilities of using a robot for metal 3D printing.

3D-printed knife on the build plate of AMRC’s Renishaw AM250

Simulation Supports Custom 3D-Printed Knife
Build simulation revealed that distortion was likely to occur in this custom chef’s knife. Thermal shrouding and an unusual support structure were used to counter it.

3D printed seat bracket GM Additive manufacturing magazine

Why GM’s Electric Future Is Also an Additive Future
Production capacity isn’t the only reason that additive has been slow to make inroads into the automotive industry. There is a larger barrier to entry—one that General Motors and Autodesk are working to overcome.

Autodesk and GE Additive collaborate on a design-to-print environment.

Autodesk and GE Additive Collaborate on Design-to-Print Workflow
Autodesk and GE Additive work together to simplify metal additive manufacturing by connecting all phases of additive manufacturing.

3MF Consortium Announces Adopters of 3D Printing Format
Thirty-two products from 17 companies have adopted the 3MF Consortium’s (3MF) 3D printing format.

CAD file screenshot

Authentise Teams Up with Autodesk for AM Workflow
Autodesk and Authentise collaborate to deliver an integrated workflow for additive manufacturing.

Additive Industries Launches Design Challenge
Additive Industries has launched its fifth edition of the Additive World Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge.

Autodesk PowerMill 2019 screenshot

Autodesk Powermill 2019 CAM Software Supports Hybrid Manufacturing
Autodesk’s PowerMill 2019 CAM software includes developments that are designed to enhance existing functionality for high-efficiency machining and deposition.

GM and Autodesk seat bracket

GM Seat Bracket Made with Autodesk Generative Design Software
The bracket is the result of a multi-year alliance between the two companies to explore generative design, AM and materials science for vehicle lightweighting.

Andreas Bastian, research scientist, Autodesk

Aerospace Project Pairs 3D Printing with Investment Casting
A research project conducted by Autodesk reduced the weight of an airplane seat frame using 3D-printed patterns and investment casting in magnesium.

Autodesk Netfabb 2017

AM Conference Speaker: Autodesk
Autodesk’s Duann Scott will give a presentation at the 2017 Additive Manufacturing Conference on generative design technologies.

Project Escher demonstration

Video: Escher in Action
“Project Escher” delivers functionality for coordinating multiple print heads to speed the building of big parts. Sections of the part mesh into a continuous form while the heads move in harmony.

Duann Scott, Autodesk Business Development & Strategy, Digital Manufacturing Group

Successful Prints Require Feedback Before They Go to the Machine
DFAM is unlike designing for subtractive machining or injection molding, and requires acute understanding of the machine, process and materials involved.

Additive manufacturing workflow

The Next Generation of AM Software Will Be Generative
Autodesk’s Amar Hanspal looks at additive manufacturing and the future of making things.

additive manufacturing equipment

IMTS 2016 Product Preview
Preview some of the AM technologies to be exhibited at the International Manufacturing Technology Show.

Additive manufactured engine block

AM Conference Speaker: Autodesk
The keynote speaker at the 2016 Additive Manufacturing Conference addresses advances in industrial 3D printing.

manifold in turn mill

10 Valuable Lessons from an Additive Metal Part
If you’re going to use AM for production, the subtractive steps deserve as much consideration as the additive cycle.

Software Optimizes Part Design for Additive
Optimization software Autodesk Within is now commercially available, enabling users to design parts better suited to additive manufacturing.

Autodesk Creates 3D Printing Investment Program
The Spark Investment Fund, operated within Autodesk, will make as much as $100 million available to companies and individuals developing innovations in hardware, software, materials and other activities related to the promotion of 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology.

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