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the construction of the Pit at Additive Engineering Solutions

Why Dig a Pit in an Additive Manufacturing Facility?
At the end of 2019, Additive Engineering Solutions moved two of its BAAM 3D printers out of the way and began to dig a hole in the floor. How going lower allows AES to build higher. 

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle With 3D Printed Hull: The Cool Parts Show #24
Our first episode of The Cool Parts Show from inside a 3D printer! Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) produces exterior components of a robot submarine and changes how this AUV is marketed.

Concrete Facade Made with 3D Printed Tooling Now Complete

Concrete Facade Made with 3D Printed Tooling Now Complete
The One South First building in Brooklyn features a concrete facade fully covering its 45 stories. 3D printed tooling played a key part. 

large-scale 3D printer

AM Conference: Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing for Composites
Additive Engineering Solutions offers advice for using large-scale 3D printing for composites at the 2018 Additive Manufacturing Conference.

Precast concrete punched windows for Domino Sugar Refinery

3D-Printed Tooling Offers Durability for Precast Concrete
As an alternative to wooden tooling, 3D-printed forms for precast concrete are proving to be more durable and better able to support a large-scale renovation project. 

Austin Schmidt, Andrew Bader and Kirk Rogers

Checking in with Additive Engineering Solutions
Partnerships continue to be critical to the success of the first commercial user of BAAM technology.

Andrew Bader and Austin Schmidt

Ohio Business Sees Big Possibilities in BAAM for Tooling
A new startup built around a large-scale 3D printer aims to offer short lead times for large industrial tools.

CFRP part

From CAD File to Composite Part in 72 Hours
This Akron company focuses on large-format 3D printing for tooling, including composites layup tooling. Among the advantages are short lead times and adaptability to changes.

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