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As Seen In Additive Manufacturing

parts on a build plate

Stratasys Expands Global Manufacturing Network
Stratasys expands the Global Manufacturing Network to Italy, Korea, Mexico and the United States.

Stratasys 3d-printed part

Stratasys Announces Layered Powder Metallurgy (LPM) for Metal Parts
Layered powder metallurgy (LPM) technology from Stratasys is aimed at delivering production-grade metal parts for low-to-mid volumes.


Stratasys Launches TPU 92A Elastomer
Intended for use in its F123 machines, the material offers elasticity and durability with soluble support.

Stratasys window alignment fixture

SPE Names First AM Winner in Automotive Innovation Awards Competition
SPE’s Automotive Division added Additive Manufacturing as a category for 2018. The first winning application used 3D printing to create a window alignment fixture.

AM Pavilion at IMTS 2018

5 Impressions of Additive Manufacturing at IMTS 2018
An emphasis on production, shifting target markets and more colored additive manufacturing’s presence at this year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS).

3D-printed part with supports removed

PADT Patents Apparatus for Removing 3D Printing Support Materials
The Support Cleaning Apparatus (SCA) removes support structures from parts 3D-printed using Soluble Support Technology (SST) material.

Penske racecar in Stratasys’s IMTS 2018 booth

Stratasys Reflects on Where 3D Printing Is in 2018
Two years ago, Stratasys was looking forward to where 3D printing might be going. Now, it’s worth evaluating the current state of additive manufacturing with polymers.

Antero 800NA (PEKK) bracket,

Stratasys Offers PEKK-Based Antero 800NA for High Performance
The filament is suitable for applications in aerospace and high-performance vehicles, among others.

Stratasys F900

Stratasys Fortus 900 Features MTConnect-Ready Interface
Intended for production applications in aerospace and other industries, the F900 3D printer supports integration with the MTConnect protocol.

Stratasys Fortus 380mc carbon fiber edition

Stratasys Fortus 380mc Carbon Fiber Dedicated to Filled Material
The Fortus 380mc Carbon Fiber Edition (CFE) 3D printer has been optimized to process carbon fiber-filled Nylon 12.

Aquafarm Water Sensor System

3D Printing Helps Prove Sensor Marketability in Low Volume
Before going into full-scale production for a water sensor system, Sensocare used 3D-printed master molds and parts to produce an initial run.

3D printed part made by Xaar

Xaar, Stratasys Announce 3D Printing Joint Investment
The joint venture supports the advance of high-speed sintering 3D printing. 

NASA Orion deep-space spacecraft

Orion Gets a Lift from Electro-Static Dissipative (ESD) Material
NASA’s Orion spacecraft will include parts 3D-printed from electro-static dissipative Antero 800NA from Stratasys. Developing this material was an exercise in working within constraints.

Siemens Launches Additive Manufacturing Network
The network is intended to facilitate the design of products for AM, replacement of physical inventories, and scaling of 3D printing production. 

Hans Geiger AM prototype mold tool

PolyJet Process Speeds Injection Mold Prototyping
By 3D printing prototype mold tools, German moldmaker Hans Geiger Spritzgießtechnik reduced both the time and money required to produce them.

SIAEC, Stratasys Joint Venture to Establish AM Center
The two companies will form an additive manufacturing service center that will provide design, engineering, certification support and part production for commercial aviation companies.

stratasys 3d printing replacing metal part

Carbon-Filled Thermoplastic 3D Printing Material Replaces Handmade Metal Parts
The material enables 3D printing to produce a part that required replacement three times a month. Reduced labor and faster delivery times are the result. 

Forecast 3D HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer systems

Additive Manufacturing at NPE2018, from Prototyping to Production
Attending NPE2018 next week? Here's what to expect from an additive manufacturing perspective, including a new zone and workshop focused on 3D printing.

Stratasys Announces Formation of Vulcan Labs
The Stratasys spin-off is tasked with improving quality, repeatability and efficiency of powder-bed fusion (PBF) additive manufacturing for production. 

Evolve STEP alpha machine

Applying Material Like Toner Promises AM at Speeds Like Injection Molding
The Stratasys-founded company Evolve debuts its STEP technology for production-scale additive processing.

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