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Rapid +TCT

10 Impressions of Rapid + TCT 2019
The largest additive manufacturing exposition in North America is now a mature industry trade show. Here is what the editors of Additive Manufacturing Media saw at this year’s Rapid + TCT.

Optomec LENS systems

Optomec LENS Metal AM Systems Offer Minimal Footprint
Optomec has announced its LENS CS 600 and 800 Controlled Atmosphere DED systems for next-generation metal additive manufacturing.

Optomec Partners with Phillips Federal
Optomec has partnered with Phillips Federal to resell Optomec’s LENS systems to U.S. government facilities.

Optomec LENS 860 hybrid

Optomec Acquires Huffman, Improves Market Reach
Optomec has acquired Huffman to improve metal 3D printing market reach in the energy and aviation industries and widen the use of Directed Energy Deposition (DED), a form of metal 3D printing that both companies offer.

Dr. Michael Sealy and team at University of Nebraska-Lincoln with Optomec LENS 3D Hybrid Controlled Atmosphere System

Optomec LENS Metal Hybrid Manufactures Dissolvable Medical Implants
The dissolvable metal implants could help eliminate the need for second surgeries, reducing risks, costs and suffering for patients.

Optomec LENS 860 Hybrid CA

Optomec Introduces LENS 860 Hybrid Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Metal 3D Printer
The large-format metal 3D printer's hermetically sealed build chamber supports hybrid manufacturing with reactive materials.

Jamie Hanson, VP Business Development, Optomec

Optomec Appoints Vice President of Business Development
Jamie Hanson, a former machine tool industry COO, is joining the additive manufacturing system supplier. 

Optomec Partners with CNC Software Inc.
The company will sell and support Mastercam software for additive manufacturing.

Part made from a LENS Material Starter Recipe

Optomec Announces 3D Printing “Recipes” for LENS and Aerosol Jet Customers
The recipes are intended to help users select and process materials best-suited to their application requirements.

Optomec Partners with TNSC to Expand Sales to Asia
The alliance enables TNSC to resell Optomec’s LENS 3D printers and Optomec to expand product sales.

Metal deposition 3D printing

Metal AM: Is Welding the Way In?
Optomec’s machine tool for metal 3D printing is also an accessible system for automated welding. The embrace of one use of this machine might lead to increasing exploration of the other.

Tongtai AMH-350 (Additive Manufacturing-Hybrid)

Optomec Partners with Tongtai to Deliver Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Machines
Under the agreement, Tongtai will integrate Optomec technology into a line of five-axis machining centers.

Optomec LENS machine tool

University of Nebraska to Add Optomec Controlled Atmosphere Hybrid System
The Optomec LENS hybrid 3D printer will be used to conduct metal AM research.

 Diagram of inert atmosphere system

Inert versus Open Atmosphere for Laser Metal Deposition
Optomec's Jim Cann explains why and when to choose one over the other.

Optomec LENS engine

Optomec Adds Metal AM to Fryer Machine Systems’ VMCs
The agreement will bring Optomec LENS technology into Fryer machining centers.

Optomec LENS 3D Metal Hybrid VMC

Optomec Launches LENS Machine Tool Series
The hybrid machine tools integrate Optomec metal additive manufacturing technology with CNC vertical mills.

Optomec Development Enables Micron-Scale Smart Structures via 3D Printing
A combination of local deposition and curing enables the building of free-form 3D structures at small scale.

additive manufacturing equipment

IMTS 2016 Product Preview
Preview some of the AM technologies to be exhibited at the International Manufacturing Technology Show.


Modular 3D Printing Engine Integrates with Metalworking Equipment
Optomec will feature production-grade additive manufacturing systems, including its hybrid CNC machine that combines the company’s laser-engineered net shaping (LENS) technology for 3D-printed metals with subtractive milling technology in a single machine tool.

hybrid with LENS

AM Conference Speaker: Optomec
The choice between open-atmosphere and inert processing involves a careful comparison of the metallurgical results of various metal alloys built in both environments. Learn more during the Additive Manufacturing Conference.

Optomec Enters Sales Partnership with Autodesk’s Delcam
The partnership builds on an existing software development collaboration.

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