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HP Multi Jet Fusion sample parts

AM 101: Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)
From functional prototypes to end-use parts, HP’s Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) is capable of efficient production. Learn about MJF, including its materials, postprocessing requirements, benefits and more, in this 101 post.

Peter Zelinski, Additive Manufacturing Media, and Timothy Weber, HP

Manufacturing to Meet Tech Community at MT360
I will hold onstage conversations with additive manufacturing and collaborative automation leaders as part of the new technology event to premier June 18-20 in Santa Clara, California.

Video: HP on Additive Manufacturing for Production
HP’s Timothy Weber discusses VW’s plans for making metal parts via AM and the way forward to implementing additive as a production process.

AM Workshop for Plastics at Amerimold

Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Plastics Unveils Complete Program
Presented by Additive Manufacturing Media, Plastics Technology and MoldMaking Technology, the 3D Printing AM Workshop for Plastics will present practical applications of 3D technologies related to plastics processing.

Periscope Case with mirror in position

Niche Manufacturer Discovers How Additive and Amazon Go Together
The economics of 3D printing allow for cost-effective production of niche products, and Amazon Prime offers a way to distribute them. The Periscope Case is one company’s first venture into an all-new model aimed at bringing products to market that would never have been profitable before.

AM Pavilion at IMTS 2018

5 Impressions of Additive Manufacturing at IMTS 2018
An emphasis on production, shifting target markets and more colored additive manufacturing’s presence at this year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS).

NTU and HP Announce Corporate Innovation Lab in Asia
 HP’s first university laboratory collaboration in Asia will focus on digital manufacturing technologies, from 3D printing to machine learning and more.

Dr. Martin Goede, head of technology planning and development at Volkswagen, on stage with Stephen Nigro, president of 3D printing at HP, during the keynote at the Additive Manufacturing Conference

3 Ways Volkswagen Will Use HP Metal Jet
When HP introduced its Metal Jet platform at IMTS 2018, the launch was assisted by key initial partners including the German automaker. Here are some of the opportunities VW sees with this metal 3D printing technology.

component produced on HP Metal Jet machine for high volume 3d printing

From Functional Parts to Lots of Functional Parts, AM Is Advancing into Production Scale
The assumption that additive is only for low-volume manufacturing is about to give way. Read these stories of companies getting ready for additive production at larger scales.

HP Metal Jet additive manufacturing machine

HP Enters Metal Additive Manufacturing with Production-Focused Binder Jetting Machine
A metal 3D printer for scale production of steel parts is the next extension of HP's additive offerings and the logical extension of printer technology the company has been developing for decades.

Ken Burns, Technical Sales Director, Forecast 3D; Stephanie Hendrixson, Senior Editor, Additive Manufacturing magazine

Video: 3D Printing Is a Complement and Competitor to Injection Molding
Ken Burns of Forecast 3D, an early adopter of HP Multi Jet Fusion, sees 3D printing as both a complement and a competitor to injection molding. He shares why in this interview.

3D-printed parts made with HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

AM Conference: Designing for Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing
HP and Protolabs share their advice for using Multi Jet Fusion technology for production as well as prototyping at the 2018 Additive Manufacturing Conference.

Grand opening of Lanwan Intelligence – HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology Mass Manufacturing Center in China

HP Opens Production-Grade 3D Printing Center in China
The Lanwan Intelligence – HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology Mass Manufacturing Center will manufacture production parts for automotive, consumer goods and other industries. 

robot gripper 3d printed in one piece by iam 3d hubs on hp 3d printer

One-Piece Robot Gripper Actuated by Shop Air
The pneumatic gripper 3D-printed as a complete working unit has demonstrated its effectiveness for continuous operation over time. It is one illustration of the role additive is liable to play in making robotic automation easier.

3D-printed parts for HP’s MJF 300/500 series 3D printers

Overcoming Obstacles to Bring AM into the Supply Chain
A conversation with Jabil’s John Dulchinos and HP’s Stephen Nigro illustrates some of the challenges in integrating additive manufacturing into a supply chain for production parts.

Siemens and HP expand software functionality.

Siemens, HP Collaborate to Improve Full Color 3D Printing
HP Inc. and Siemens have partnered to expand the functionality of Siemens’ PLM software. 

Siemens Launches Additive Manufacturing Network
The network is intended to facilitate the design of products for AM, replacement of physical inventories, and scaling of 3D printing production. 

Scott Kraemer, product development engineer, Carbon

3D Printing Workshop Has Successful Launch at NPE2018
Speakers at the inaugural 3D Printing Workshop emphasized mold tooling and end-use production, among other 3D printing applications.

HP’s Jet Fusion 300 / 500 3D printing solution

HP Introduces 300 / 500 Series of Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printers
HP's 300 / 500 Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers enable the manufacture of parts in full color, or black and white, depending on the model.

HP Expands Customer Relationships with Jabil, Forecast3D
Recent equipment installations point to advancement in product development and supply chain transformation.

past presidents of amug

AMUG Conference Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Record Attendance
Photos capture some of what I saw at the event this year. As this event continues to grow, it will need to adapt in order to continue to fulfill its valuable and long-standing role of serving AM’s users.

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