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As Seen In Additive Manufacturing

ExOne Using Metal 3D Printing with Controlled Porosity for Reusable Filters in Response to Coronavirus Crisis
Collaboration with University of Pittsburgh applies binder jet to produce an alternative to disposable masks that are in short supply.

ExOne X1 160Pro Turns Powder to Parts
RAPID 2020: ExOne X1 160Pro, said to be the industry’s largest metal binder jet 3D printer, offers an 800 × 500 × 400 mm build envelope for turning powder to parts.

3D Printer Parts Made with 3D Printed Tooling: ExOne Walks the Walk
Accelerated timelines, fast design changes and low volumes — in many ways, 3D printing is the right market for 3D printing. ExOne’s newest generation of machines includes parts vacuum formed on 3D printed tools developed by Catalysis Additive Tooling.

ExOne X1 160Pro binder jetting machine

Largest ExOne Metal Binder Jetting System Yet Provides 160-Liter Build Volume
The design of this machine anticipates scale production, with compaction technology for repeatable part density and Industry 4.0 connectivity for lightly staffed AM factories.

Additive Manufacturing and Metal Casting
How is additive manufacturing disrupting metal casting? A hybrid approach to consider.

ExOne’s X1 25Pro system

ExOne X1 25Pro Metal 3D Printer Supports Production Volumes
Rapid 2019: The X1 25Pro is designed for 3D printing of larger quantities from fine MIM powder in a production environment.

aluminum mold cast in a sand 3d-printed tool

3D Print the Tool to Cast the Mold to Make the Part
3D-printed molds to manufacture parts are familiar, but what if the mold itself was made with a 3D-printed tool? Catalysis Additive Tooling proves out this concept in a mold for a fiberglass part.

ExOne X1 25Pro

ExOne X1 25Pro 3D Printing Machine Supports Production Volumes
The platform is intended as a step up for users of the Innovent+ platform who are interested in scaling to a mid-size production metal 3D printer.

Kimura casting engineer in front of sand 3D printer

New Kimura U.S. Metal Casting Plant Relies Entirely on 3D Printing for Molds and Cores
Printing foundry molds and cores without hard tooling will speed leadtimes and make small quantities of castings affordable, the company says. Its proprietary process advances the detail and finish obtainable from casting using sand 3D printing.

ExOne Innovent+

ExOne Releases Innovent+ with Increased Powder Handling Capabilities
Rapid 2018: ExOne showcases the Innovent+ as well as expanded dust management options for both it and the original Innovent.

Rick Lucas, CTO, EXOne

What Is the Most Widely Used 3D-Printed Material?
ExOne’s CTO recently offered an educated guess. His answer highlights an underappreciated success of AM.

Consumer binder-jetted parts

AM Conference Speaker: ExOne
ExOne uses liquid phase sintering to increase the density of 3D-printed, high-performance alloy parts made using powder-bed binder jetting. Learn more during a presentation at the Additive Manufacturing Conference in September.

AMUG 2016

AMUG Presents the Pains, Potential and Power of AM
The exhibits and presentations at AMUG 2016 afforded insights into where additive is, and where it is going.

Water Wash Out Tooling Process Developed
ExOne has qualified a new application for its 3D printing technology.


3D Printing As an Alternative to Patternmaking
Hoosier Pattern has changed its business in a way that dramatically expands the design freedom available to its customers. Historically, the company has machined foundry patterns. Today, it uses 3D printing to create molds and cores directly from sand.

Practicality & Possibility
Some of the technologies and applications on display at Euromold 2013 illustrated the possibilities for using additive manufacturing to manufacture functional parts.

Add Additive Manufacturing to your Capabilities
Although additive manufacturing has been around for several years, the process is gaining more and more interest and applications every year.

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