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About 3D Systems

From digitization, design and simulation through manufacturing, inspection and management, our comprehensive portfolio of technologies provides a seamless, customizable workflow designed to optimize products and processes while accelerating outcomes.  With advanced hardware, software and materials as well as on demand manufacturing services and a global team of experts, we are on a mission to transform businesses through manufacturing innovation. 

As Seen In Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing via Material Extrusion
Material extrusion was the second process to be successfully commercialized. After three decades of material advancements and a diverse array of start-ups and applications, the use cases for this technology are still going strong.

3D Systems FabPro BLK Material

3D Systems Resin Produces Durable, Flexible Parts
3D Systems’ latest addition to its materials portfolio, FabPro Flexible BLK, produces tough 3D printed parts with the look and feel of molded polypropylene.

Additive Manufacturing — More Than Metal: How Vat Photopolymerization Started It All
Vat photopolymerization was the first AM process to be successfully commercialized. Three decades later, this technology has shown how AM is capable of scaling to volume production and making custom products on demand.

GF Machining Solutions’ DMP Flex 350

GF Machining Solutions Thinks Additive and Beyond
At the GF Machining Solutions 2019 Solution Days event, the company showcased two technologies that make clear its intention to move additive manufacturing into production.

3D printing department at Incodema3D

Incodema3D Reaches the Tipping Point for Production Additive Manufacturing
The New York manufacturer is launching into its first continuous flow production job for metal AM. Owner and CEO Sean Whittaker shares what it took to arrive here.

DMP Factory 500 engine fuel nozzle

DMP Factory 500 Offers Workflow-Optimized Metal 3D Printing
Designed by GF Machining Solutions and 3D Systems, the DMP Factory 500 metal additive manufacturing (AM) printing solution is said to create seamless large parts with increased quality and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for aerospace original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers.

Metal 3D-printed injector head for a liquid oxygen/kerosine engine

Additive Technology Delivers Small Satellites to Space
Researchers at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have developed a reusable rocket engine specifically for the launch of small satellites. The complex injector heads are 3D printed which unlocks additional performance, reduces the parts count, speeds up production time, and reduces weight and costs.

3D Systems’ DMP Flex 350.

3D Systems DMP Flex 350 and Factory 350 Systems Designed for Production
3D Systems’ DMP Flex 350 and DMP Factory 350 are designed for production of components for industrial applications such as aerospace, healthcare and transportation.

3D Systems ProJet MJP 2500 IC Intended for Investment Casting Wax Patterns
Designed for use by foundries, the 3D printer manufactures wax patterns, eliminating the cost and time of tooling and storage.

DMP Factory 500

DMP Factory 500 Integrates 3D Systems, GF Machining Solutions Expertise
The modular solution is optimized for scalability, repeatable high-quality parts, high throughput and low total cost of operation.

3D Systems Introduces DMP Flex 100, DMP Dental 100 3D Printers
New metal 3D printers offer improved productivity and quality for small, intricate metal parts including dental implants.

3D Systems and GF Machining Solutions Partner on Metal Parts Production
The companies plan to debut a combined solution for factory automation and metal additive manufacturing at IMTS 2018. 

3D Systems ProX SLS 6100 Scales to Production
3D Systems’ printing platform provides 3D printing solutions to increase speed and performance across a range of applications.

3D Systems Launches 3DXpert for SolidWorks
The software incorporates tools from 3DXpert into SolidWorks that enables users to prepare and optimize designs for additive manufacturing.

Grid 3D-printed faucet

Direct Metal Printing Rapidly Delivers Innovative Faucet
A faucet that would be difficult to manufacture conventionally was developed and produced within weeks using Direct Metal Printing (DMP). 

Screenshot of support creation in 3DXpert software

Software Streamlines Metal Additive Manufacturing Workflows
Replacing three software packages with 3DXpert from 3D Systems reduced one company’s file processing time and increased its productivity.

ProX SLS 6100

3D Systems Extends SLS Line with ProX SLS 6100
The ProX SLS 6100 platform and three production-grade nylon materials are designed to scale from functional prototyping to low-volume production.

3D Systems’ modular Figure 4 3D printing platform

3D Systems Figure 4 Platform Aims to Move AM Users to Full Production
Figure 4 combines technology, software and materials to transition customers from using 3D printing for rapid prototyping to full production.

3D Systems DMP8500 Factory Floor

3D Systems Releases DMP 8500 Metal Additive Manufacturing Platform
The modular system is designed to enable high productivity in metal 3D printing.

Geomagic Wrap 2017

3D Systems’ Geomagic Wrap Expands Applications, Improves Functionality
Geomagic Wrap adds geometry modification and analysis functions.

3D Systems ProX DMP 300 3D Printer

AM Conference Speakers: Methods 3D and B&J Specialty Inc.
A presentation delivered by Methods 3D and its customer B&J Specialty will highlight the latter’s success in 3D printing conformally cooled molds.

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