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As Seen In Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing via Material Extrusion
Material extrusion was the second process to be successfully commercialized. After three decades of material advancements and a diverse array of start-ups and applications, the use cases for this technology are still going strong.

Figure 1. Tool as printed using Thermocomp AM EZ006EXAR1 compound.

Large-Format Additive Manufacturing: Viable for Autoclave Tooling?
SABIC and the University of Dayton Research Institute explore the potential of using large-format additive manufacturing (LFAM) technology for creating autoclave tooling used in manufacturing aerospace composite parts.

Bearing block held above the 3D-printed CMM fixture

3D-Printed Fixtures Aid CMM Inspection of 3D Printer Parts
Cincinnati Inc. has found that 3D-printed fixtures save money and effort in the inspection process for machined parts used in its SAAM 3D printers. 

Precast concrete punched windows for Domino Sugar Refinery

3D-Printed Tooling Offers Durability for Precast Concrete
As an alternative to wooden tooling, 3D-printed forms for precast concrete are proving to be more durable and better able to support a large-scale renovation project. 

Austin Schmidt, Andrew Bader and Kirk Rogers

Checking in with Additive Engineering Solutions
Partnerships continue to be critical to the success of the first commercial user of BAAM technology.

Andrew Bader and Austin Schmidt

Ohio Business Sees Big Possibilities in BAAM for Tooling
A new startup built around a large-scale 3D printer aims to offer short lead times for large industrial tools.

Windmill turbine mold

Postprocessing Composite Tooling: Machining, Coating or Combination Strategy?
A project testing the surface finishing options for composite tooling reveals insight about machining and coating strategies.

Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) 3D printer

AM Conference Speaker: Cincinnati Inc.
Additive manufacturing presents an alternative for fiber-reinforced composite production. Learn more during a presentation at the Additive Manufacturing Conference in September.

3D-printed Shelby Cobra

AM’s Getting "Bigger" In More Than Just Cars
Large-scale additive manufacturing is disrupting the (already disruptive) 3D printing field.

Big-Area Additive Manufacturing system

Big-Area Additive Manufacturing System on Display at Fabtech
Sample applications for the BAAM system will be shown in Cincinnati Inc.’s booth at the November trade show.

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