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BLUM-NOVOTEST, INC. - focus on productivity

Blum-Novotest, Inc., is a fully owned subsidiary of Blum-Novotest GmbH, a leader in cutting edge measurement and testing technology, with more than 50 years of experience as a supplier for the worldwide machine tool, automotive and aircraft industries.

As Seen In Additive Manufacturing

Surface profile and roughness measurements

Choosing the Best Abrasive Finishing Process for 3D Printed Parts
Studies have shown that abrasive finishing is flexible enough to finish 3D printed parts with complex geometries and difficult-to-machine materials, although the best process depends on a number of factors.

man holds 3d-printed bracket prototype

Make Large Prototypes on a Small 3D Printer
To prove out the designs of brackets that are much larger than its 3D printer, this manufacturer prints the bracket models in pieces and assembles them into prototypes.

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Flaw Detection Equipment
Gages, Digital
Gear Inspection
Laser Accessories & Supplies
Laser Measurement Systems
Machine Monitoring Systems
On-Machine Probes
Probes, Electromechanical
Quality & Measurement
Quality Documentation Software
Roundness Measuring Equipment
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Trade Names

LaserControl NT