3DFortify, Inc.

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As Seen In Additive Manufacturing

Reinforced Polymer 3D Printing, Adjustable on the Fly
With Continuous Kinetic Mixing (CKM), 3DFortify sees expanded possibilities for printing polymer composites reinforced with fibers, ceramics and even metal flake in any concentration needed.

CAMX Additive Manufacturing Workshop Speaker: Fortify
The Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Composites at CAMX will take place on September 25 in Anaheim, California and will explore the evolution of 3D printing technology and fiber reinforcement. 

CompositesWorld to Host Additive Composites Event at CAMX
The first ever Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Composites, hosted by CompositesWorld and co-located with CAMX, will explore the connection between additive manufacturing and continuous fiber reinforcement.

DSM additive manufacturing 3D printed composites carbon fiber filament

Fortify, DSM Partner to Enhance 3D Printing Material Properties
Fortify and DSM are collaborating on composite materials for 3D printing structural parts.

Mold made with Fortify Digital Composite Manufacturing

Fortify Partners with MultiMechanics
The new partnership will help improve the predictability of 3D-printed parts for decreased cost and reduced production time.

Fortify magnetic 3D-printed mold with polypropylene part

Magnetic 3D Printing with Fiber Reinforcement Fills Tooling Gap
Fortify’s Digital Composite Manufacturing (DCM) platform pairs high-performance resins with fiber reinforcement that can be controlled at the voxel level. The process promises a faster route to durable injection mold tooling.

Product Categories of 3DFortify, Inc.

Additive Manufacturing Machines for Composite Parts
Additive Manufacturing Machines—Vat Polymerization