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EOS’ Digital Foam Flexible Lattice Polymer Enables Mass Customizations

Published on 6/22/2021

Highly flexible lattice polymer material can be used to manufacture more comfortable, safer and lighter products that can be individually customized.


Solving MRO Challenges with Bound Metal Deposition

Published on 6/13/2021

Three case studies reveal how Desktop Metal’s second-generation Studio System bound metal deposition printer eliminates common safety hazards of metal AM, enhancing the technique’s value for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) applications.


Sand 3D Printing Benefits Lightweighting and EV Production

Published on 6/4/2021

Brooks Crownhill Limited has used Voxeljet’s sand 3D printers to rapidly prototype automobile part molds, with the increased design flexibility enabling lightweighting while strengthening individual components.


Lightweight Combustion Chamber for 3D Printed Rocket Engine: The Cool Parts Show #30

Published on 5/12/2021

An engine for repeated trips to the moon is 3D printed in just three pieces from a metal matrix composite combining aluminum for weight saving with ceramic for high-temperature performance.


Safran, SLM Solutions Test Technology for Large Airplane Component

Published on 5/6/2021

In a joint project, Safran Landing Systems and SLM Solutions tested selective laser melting to produce a component of a nose landing gear for a bizjet, marking a world first for a part of this size.


Additive Manufacturing Is Now Realizing the Promise of Materials

Published on 4/21/2021

Possibilities that were speculative a few years ago are coming true today. Applications of metal matrix composite provide an example. Recent articles explore the ongoing advance of 3D printed materials.


Metal Additive Manufacturing on the Track

Published on 4/19/2021

Additive manufacturing and topology optimization are helping teams produce stronger, lighter parts that meet the demands of off-road racing vehicles.


Metal 3D Printed Part Has Unplanned Feature, Not Part of the Design — AM: Why the Failure? #2

Published on 4/7/2021

This component for the oil and gas industry features a shelf through the lattice structure that does not appear in the CAD model. How did it get there? The answer does not involve STL, but we talk about that anyway.


Desktop Metal, Uniformity Labs Develop Fully Dense, Sinterable Aluminum

Published on 4/1/2021

Uniformity 6061 aluminum will be available exclusively to Desktop Metal customers as part of its ongoing partnership with Uniformity Labs.


Lighter, Better-Performing Brake Rotor From 3D Printing: The Cool Parts Show #27

Published on 3/31/2021

Additive manufacturing with an aluminum/ceramic composite enables a brake rotor with one-third the weight and five times the heat transfer of a typical rotor. We talk to the inventor on this episode of The Cool Parts Show.

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