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Lightweighting with Lattices

Published on 1/31/2018

Building components as a network of unit cells may improve material utilization and performance. 


Modular, Lightweight Car Design Made Possible through Metal AM

Published on 6/8/2016

The concept car’s frame is built on load-optimized nodes that could only be made with additive manufacturing.


GM Seat Bracket Made with Autodesk Generative Design Software

Published on 5/3/2018

The bracket is the result of a multi-year alliance between the two companies to explore generative design, AM and materials science for vehicle lightweighting.


Lightweight Motorcycle Made Through AM to Be Seen at IMTS

Published on 9/2/2016

Additive manufacturing allowed electric bikes frame to be optimized for minimal mass and material.


Altair Releases Inspire2018 Simulation-Driven Design Software

Published on 4/24/2018

The software enables rapid simulation, gives insight into lightweighting, and can be used by businesses with little or no simulation experience.


Lightweight Sandvik Cutting Tool Employing Topology Optimization Now Available

Published on 6/12/2019

Additive manufacturing aids “subtractive” CNC machining. We first saw this tool in an early version last year. See the video in this post.


Meeting the Machining Challenges of Additive Manufacturing

Published on 10/27/2017

You can 3D print the part, but can you finish it? Here is how to overcome the challenge of part deflection in the machining of lightweight, complex AM parts.


ParaMatters' CogniCAD 2.1 Generates Smooth, Watertight Design Models

Published on 7/2/2019

ParaMatters’ CogniCAD 2.1 automatically generates ready-to-print, high-performance, lightweighted structures for aerospace, automotive and other mission-critical applications.


Are Crystals the Key to 3D Printing with Silicon Carbide?

Published on 6/28/2019

If SiC was easier and cheaper to apply, we would find many more uses for this hard, lightweight ceramic. Researchers have found a promising additive manufacturing approach, with crystal growth as the bonding mechanism.


Metal Matrix Composite Demonstrates Additive Manufacturing’s Promise for New Materials

Published on 9/1/2017

The co-founder of a materials-development firm seeks to aid manufacturers in pursuing the material freedom of AM.

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