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Balancing MFAM and DFAM for Metal Additive Manufacturing

Published on 6/17/2021

For viable metal AM, users must balance design for additive manufacturing (DfAM), modifying for additive manufacturing (MfAM) and cost per kilogram.


Plotting a Pathway to Profitable AM

Published on 5/11/2021

The cost per pound for a metal AM part may shock you, but that knowledge is essential to help you plan your journey to success with Additive Manufacturing.


Stratasys, nTopology’s Fixture Software Simplifies AM Modeling, Design

Published on 4/20/2021

FDM Assembly Fixture Generator automates design of jigs and fixtures, enabling engineers to quickly turn a part file into a ready-to-print fixture with a simple drag-and-drop function.


Profitable AM Is Not an Oxymoron

Published on 4/15/2021

How a kangaroo, a chest implant, and the cost of argon prompted a question that led to the title for this month’s column. AM's full economic return is found in the overall product bottom line.


Cadillac Blackwing Models Are First GM Cars Using Additive Manufacturing for Full-Scale Production

Published on 4/5/2021

Three functional components are 3D printed thanks to cost savings and design freedom. Layers lines on the shift knob signify this advance.


Carbon Offers Lattice-Generating Design Tech

Published on 3/19/2021

The design software is said to accelerate the time from "idea to design."


Beginning the AM Journey: An Uphill Battle

Published on 2/12/2021

Faster machines, cheaper feedstocks, new standards – with all of these advances, why is additive manufacturing still “an uphill battle” for so many?


3D Printed Parts on the Mars Perseverance Rover: The Cool Parts Show #23

Published on 2/3/2021

The Perseverance parts made through additive manufacturing are extreme examples of lightweighting. We have replicas of the 3D printed parts that were sent to Mars.


Avoiding Costs while Adding Value with DFAM

Published on 1/15/2021

Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) is as much about finding value as it is about avoiding costs with AM. 


Additive Manufacturing's Top-Viewed Content of 2020: Metal 3D Printing, Design, Business Strategies, and More

Published on 12/23/2020

The AM team has compiled a list of the top articles that you, our audience, have looked at the most in 2020. Thank you all so much for being a part of the Additive Manufacturing community.

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