Yxlon Cheetah Evo Plus Enables Inspection of 3D-Printed Parts

Originally titled 'System Supports X-Ray, CT Inspection'
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Rapid 2018: The system supports both X-ray and CT inspection of additively manufactured parts. 


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Yxlon offers a range of Evo systems for inspection of additively manufactured parts. The company’s X-ray and high-resolution computed tomography (CT) systems can detect structural irregularities such as voids, cracks and geometrical deviations such as insufficient wall thickness.

The Evo series includes three systems, each designed for a major market segment: SMT, semiconductors and laboratories. The Yxlon Cheetah Evo Plus is intended specifically for laboratory use. Quality resolution enables failure analysis applications and high-performance inspection for demanding situations. Both X-ray and CT technology are included. 

Software highlights include eHDR-Inspect, user-friendly FeinFocus Graphical User Interface (FGUI), and CT reconstructions using VGStudio and Siemens software. 

Yxlon also provides inspection services worldwide from locations including the Comet Group Lab One (San Jose, California) and Yxlong (Hudson, Ohio). 


  • Validating and Qualifying

    X-ray technology can validate the internal geometry of additively-manufactured parts in 3D without destroying the part.

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