Xact Metal XM200S Supports Low-Cost Metal 3D Printing

The powder-bed fusion system supports high-performance metal 3D printing within a compact footprint. 


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Xact Metal’s XM200S powder-bed fusion metal 3D printer is said to be ideal for printing of small parts where high performance and speed are critical, for applications in industries such as aerospace and medical.

The low-cost system has a small footprint which allows for simple integration into the lab or manufacturing floor, prints a wide range of metals—including aluminum, stainless and tooling steel, super alloys, and titanium—and is designed in an open architecture which allows qualified users the ability to develop their own printing parameters or use their own powder.

The 3D printer’s build volume 5" × 5" × 5" (127 × 127 × 127 mm), enabling users to print multiple parts efficiently and quickly. A 200-W Yb fiber laser provides optimal power density to print 20- to 100-micron layers with a spot size greater than 50 microns. 

The printer’s recoater uses a bulb-shaped element to spread powder like a blade, but with compaction similar to a rolling element. The design enables the recoater to negotiate out-of-plane growth and continue printing, Xact Metal says. 

The XM200S 3D printer is equipped with a digital galvanometer mirror scanner with jogging speed of 12 m/sec. and 24-bit command resolution to support positional accuracy. Precisiondigital optical systems provide active thermal drift compensation which eliminates warm-up times and minimizes long-term drift during printing operations. The 3D printer offers easy user access to filters, particle collection and the overflow container, and an inert swap housing enables quick and safe filter change-overs.

The open software architecture offers a streamlined, functional platform to support visual workflows and remote monitoring. 

Orders for the XM200S printer are now being taken, with shipments starting September 2018.