Xact Metal Launches Industrial-Grade XM300 Metal 3D Printer

A lightweight, high-speed gantry is key to the powder-bed fusion system’s speed.
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Xact Metal’s XM300 industrial-grade metal 3D printer is designed for large-part development and production use with a build volume measuring 10" × 13" × 13" (254 × 330 × 330 mm). The printer’s small size is said to enable easy installation, handling and maintenance. Twin feed chambers reduce build time and increase productivity.

The powder-bed fusion system uses the company’s proprietary Xact Core technology, a scalable gantry system platform that enables light, simple mirrors to move quickly above the powder on the X-Y axis. Two translating mirrors deflect the beam to different locations without varying the angles of incidence, keeping the beam orthogonal to the build surface. According to Xact, this feature generates uniform part properties with and effective fusion speed ranging to 1.5 m/sec. The system can be equipped with two or four high-precision independent fiber lasers.