Xact Metal Introduces XM200 Direct Metal Printer

Accessible, high-performance 3D printer offers five-inch build cube.

Xact Metal is introducing the XM200, an industrial 3D printer the company says offers high performance and affordability. The small printer is priced in the low six-figures, the company says, much lower than typical powder-bed metal AM machines. It features a build volume of 125 in.3 (5" × 5" × 5"), or 2,049 cm3 (127 × 127 × 125 mm). Meanwhile, the printer's compact footprint enables customers to put one or several systems within even a small work area. 

The 3D printer is equipped with a 250-W fiber laser and high-speed scanner that fuses at speeds ranging to 1.5 m/sec. Its laser beam is constantly orthogonal across the entire powder bed surface, enabling it to produce consistent fusing characteristics throughout the complete build area. Its software architecture is said to be streamlined, intuitive and supportive of visual workflows. 

Shipments for the XM200 will begin in September 2017.