Vericut's Additive Module Simulates Hybrid Manufacturing

Originally titled 'Additive Module Simulates Hybrid Manufacturing'

Rapid 2018: The module checks for problems in both the additive manufacturing and machining stages. 


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The Additive module available in CGTech’s Vericut software simulates both additive and traditional CNC machining capabilities applied in any order. Simulating both operations identifies potential problems that can occur when integrating additive methods, the company says.

Users have access to detailed history stored with Vericut’s droplet technology, which is said to save programmers time by quickly identifying the source of errors. This additive capability shows realistic laser cladding and material deposition; detects collisions between the machine and additive part; and finds errors, voids and misplaced material. Vericut simulates the postprocessed NC code that controls the CNC machine, ensuring proper usage of additive functions and laser parameters. Users can experiment with combining additive and metal removal processes to determine optimal safe hybrid manufacturing methods.