Vericut Version 8.2.1 Includes Enhancements for Additive Manufacturing

The CNC machine simulation and optimization software from CGTech has added support for additive material deposition. 


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CGTech is shipping version 8.1.2 of its Vericut CNC machine simulation and optimization software. In addition to new features, the version also incorporates more than 150 customer-driven enhancements and requests. The software is designed to meet the needs of shops ranging from small job shops to OEM and Tier 1 suppliers, the company says. 

This release includes enhancements in additive manufacturing, enabling additive material deposition to be viewed in Vericut’s Reviewer and NC Program Review. Additive errors and red error color are applied to deposited material when any of the additive functions being checked are not compliant, making it easy to spot potential problems in additive processes. A single click identifies the error source, CGTech says. 

Optimization of complex NC programs has also been enhanced, including looping, branching, If/Then, and Do-While code, while retaining all decision-making logic. Optimized NC programs and subroutines are ready to run with no edits by the user, the developer says. Force Charts that graphically document the cutting process are enhanced with higher fidelity, so they can display even tiny material volumes and forces encountered.

Enhanced Vericut and Tool Manager support non-rotating 3D model tools such as those used in ablation, painting, polishing and other specialized manufacturing processes. Enhanced integration with the Zoller and TDM tooling databases provide access to complex 3D tooling and the ability to select and deselect specific tools for import. 

Vericut 8.1.2 also adds the ability to stop at specific variables when they are set or changed; options for automatically performing Auto-Diff comparisons, and output summary of results to Vericut reports; and new calculation and reporting of die-sinking electrode contact areas. The Vericut Help Library and supporting documents are now available in HTML to enable easier navigation, faster searching and higher-quality images at a larger size. Support has been added for 3DExperience 2017X, Esprit 2017 and NX12.


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