Vader Offers System Solutions for Liquid Metal 3D Printing

The company offers its metal 3D printing technology as both a stand-alone system and as an accessory for hybrid manufacturing.


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Vader Systems offers three system solutions based on its Magnet-o-Jet technology that are designed to address the evolving needs of the metal additive manufacturing market. These include the Vader Polaris liquid metal 3D printing system, the Magnet-o-Jet Subsystem for hybrid manufacturing equipment integration and the Ares Microsphere Production System.

The Polaris is a turnkey system that creates metal 3D parts using Vader’s liquid metal process. The company says it can now print the most common aluminum alloys in the market, including 6061 and 7075. The 3D printer is capable of producing parts at rapid speeds from this low-cost material while generating virtually no waste. Because it uses nonhazardous input materials, the system is also safer than a 3D printer that uses powdered metal.

The Magnet-o-Jet Subsystem is designed to integrate into hybrid manufacturing systems such as CNC machining centers. The system enables manufacturers to produce parts and precisely finish them all in one system. Vader collaborates with customers to customize the subsystem to work within existing or planned equipment and workflows. The technology offers isotropic material properties and finished parts with full density, the company says.

Finally, the Ares Microsphere Production System produces highly uniform and consistent metal microspheres for on-demand usage. These microspheres eliminate the need to carry powder inventory, and are said to be very consistent with a narrow particle size distribution. These attributes enable good flowability, nearly 100 percent material usage and more reliable results, the company says.