Vacuum System Reduces Metal Powder Recovery Time by 85%

RAPID 2020: Vac-U-Max's Metal Powder Recovery System for Additive Manufacturing (AM-MPRS) extracts and sieves metal powders from 3D printing machines.  


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Vac-U-Max’s AM-MPRS keeps metal powder contained for operator and plant safety. 

The Vac-U-Max Metal Powder Recovery System for Additive Manufacturing (AM-MPRS) conveys, screens, recovers and reuses metal powders for 3D printing including Inconel, stainless steel, Haynes 282 and cobalt chrome. 

The AM-MPRS extracts metal powders from the printing bed via vacuum and sieves the powder for future use. The sieve then discharges the metal powders into a pail, drum or IBC, in an inert environment. The system is said to increase 3D printer productivity and reduce powder recovery time by 85%. 

The AM-MPRS conveys material within a closed system and is NFPA 484 compliant for handling metal powders. The system prevents operator exposure to metal dusts, maximizing plant and personnel safety. 

The powder handling system utilizes vacuum via the Vac-U-Max stainless steel vacuum receiver offering 3.3 m2 of filter area. The vacuum generator comes equipped with the company’s single Venturi power unit.