TriMed Introduces Award-Winning 3D Medical Cast


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TriMed has announced the availability of Exiom’s innovative Xkelet casts and product line to the U.S. medical marketplace. The Red Dot Award-winning orthosis system is recognized for its custom-fitting 3D printed cast that optimizes hygiene, functionality and comfort. The Xkelet brace is said to fit on children or adults and comes in virtually any color for the fashion conscious patient. The forward thinking design eliminates the loss of muscle tone and recovery associated with plaster casts. TriMed not only provides Xkelet casts, but also installs and trains medical practices who want to provide the service, the company says.

The Xkelet casts start with a technician moving a scanner around the patient’s broken limb creating a 3D model of the limb in real time. The software calculates the cast’s length, width, height and volume. The cast is then 3D printed with bio-compatible materials using a Helical Union System that provides precise control of the stiffness and density of the immobilization. The cast’s open lattice design is said to be lightweight, waterproof and breathable so the patient’s skin receives proper air circulation.

“Anyone who has suffered a fractured or broken arm or wrist can attest to the sheer discomfort associated with a rigid plaster or fiberglass cast,” states Becky Dobrinich, TriMed CEO and Co-Founder. “The Xkelet product line offers a game-changing alternative for orthotics, revolutionizing health care with 3D medical devices. TriMed can provide the personalized casts, or integrate and support the easy-to-use Exiom solution for medical and orthopedic providers.”