Throughput Bluestreak Introduces Bright AM Operations Control Software

Throughput Bluestreak offers real-time production control and quality management software solutions for 3D-printing operations with the release of Bright AM.


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Throughput Bluestreak has launched Bright AM, a real-time production control and quality management software. The production platform is said to manage and support additive manufacturing (AM) and 3D printing workflow operations.

The platform tracks the process of disparate parts 3D-printed together on a single build plate as well as everything from incoming orders to work-in-progress to delivery confirmation, according to the company. Bright AM also supports unique serial numbers for each printed part and tracks the serial numbers through the process, including any nonconformances, a critical requirement for industries such as aerospace, aviation and medical.

Individual AM companies are searching for quality processes with repeatability, says the company. Bright AM is said to be a solution to AM process issues like tracking, validating processes and passing the necessary industry certifications.

Bright AM enables businesses to conform to individual part specification requirements while automatically creating and maintaining a fully documented audit trail, containing specification documents, operating requirements and media attachments. The system automatically cross-references specifications to everything it impacts within the system.