Thermwood's New LSAM Model Provides Both Print and Trim Heads



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Thermwood’s LSAM MT is a lower cost moving table version of its industry-leading LSAM (large scale additive system). Although Thermwood has hundreds of open moving table CNC routers in operation, similar in configuration to the MT, and believes this configuration will also work for many LSAM customers, several larger customers requested an enclosed machine configuration that is the same size as the MT, but configured like the larger LSAM high wall systems.

LSAM 1010


The new LSAM 1010 has both the print and trim heads on same the gantry just like the LSAM MT.


The LSAM 1010 system uses the walls from the larger LSAM systems with the gantry, control and sub-systems from the MT. The LSAM 1010 features a fixed 10 x 10 ft. table. A single moving gantry carries both the print and trim heads as on the MT and, like the MT, it can both print and trim (but not at the same time). The print and trim heads on all Thermwood LSAMs are the same, so all machines can process any reinforced composite thermoplastic materials.

In addition, even though the LSAM 1010 is slightly wider than the larger LSAMs (to accommodate mounting both the print and trim heads on the same gantry), the overall footprint of the 1010 is actually slightly smaller than required for the MT. And, like the MT, the 1010 can be purchased as a print only machine.