Thermwood Adds Larger Printers to LSAM Product Line

The large, dual-gantry print and trim machines are now available in a 15-ft. width in addition to the current 10-ft. width tables.
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LSAM 1540

LSAM 1540

Thermwood Corp., manufacturer of the Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing (LSAM) thermoplastic composite system, is introducing even larger machines. The company says the LSAM system line is one of the broadest in the industry with additive manufacturing (AM) printers ranging from a 5 × 5 ft. table to large dual-gantry print and trim systems up to 10 × 40 ft. Machines longer than 40 ft. are available, but several 10 × 40-ft. systems are the largest built to date.

The large, dual-gantry print and trim machines are now also available in a 15-ft. width. As with the current 10-ft.-wide tables, the new 15-ft.-wide table machines are available in lengths from 20 ft. and longer — all in 10-ft. increments.

The new machines utilize a heavier, wider gantry design that was first developed for Thermwood’s LSAM 1010. The LSAM 1010 has both a printhead and a trim head mounted on the same gantry, hence the need for a wide gantry even though the table is only 10 × 10 ft. The dual head combination on the 1010 weighs over 7,000 lbs, requiring a significant engineered gantry structure.

The smallest table length available in the 15-ft. width LSAM is 20 ft. However, because of the modular design of the table and support walls, this length can be increased by 10-ft. increments. The most popular table lengths to date for the 10-ft.-wide table LSAM machines have been 20 ft. and 40 ft.

The new machines are equipped with the large LSAM printhead structure which can be equipped with either the 40-mm or 60-mm print core. The 40-mm core can print most polymers at about 200 lbs/hr., while the 60-mm core can print at over 500 lbs/hr. They can also be equipped with a Vertical Layer Print system, which makes it technically possible to print parts up to 15 ft. wide and as tall as the length of the table.