Stratasys Fortus 900 Features MTConnect-Ready Interface

Intended for production applications in aerospace and other industries, the F900 3D printer supports integration with the MTConnect protocol.


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The F900 Production 3D printer from Stratasys is the third generation of the company’s flagship FDM system. Features include an MTConnect-ready interface with production-ready accuracy and repeatability.

The F900 is built on the Fortus 900mc platform and is suitable for applications ranging from rapid tooling to jigs and fixtures to part production. The F900 is available in a new series of three solutions: the F900, the F900 AICS (Aircraft Interiors Certification Solution), and the F900 Pro. F900 AICS delivers performance and traceability targeted for flight-worthy parts. The F900 Pro is a production-grade system capable of producing parts with repeatability and performance in Ultem 9085 resin, extending the repeatability developed for AICS to all industries, the company says. 

“What’s really exciting about this development is that Stratasys is showing how additive manufacturing has finally reached the level of repeatability and performance required for final part production,” says Keith Kmetz of consulting firm, IDC. “With the introduction of the F900 Production 3D printer and the focus on industry standards and standardization, Stratasys is helping to advance this technology from its prototyping and tooling roots to a true industrial additive manufacturing system.”

Owners of existing Fortus 900mc systems can upgrade to any of the three current F900 systems.