Stratasys Adds Materials for J750 3D Printer

With the new materials, users can simulate rubber-like elements and manufacture functional prototypes.


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Stratasys announced new material compatibility for its J750 full color, multi-material 3D-printer, delivering additional functionality and versatility for rapid prototyping and tooling applications. The PolyJet Agilus30 rubber-like material and Digital ABS Plus engineering-grade material can now be used with the Stratasys J750, expanding its range of applications.

Agilus30 can accurately simulate the look, feel and function of seals, gaskets, living hinges, soft-touch parts, over molds and other flexible parts and rubber-like elements while withstanding repeated flexing and bending. It also features improved surface texture for a more realistic rubber-like feel that is important for functional evaluation. The durable, flexible photopolymer material. can simulate the installation and performance of rubber-like parts in high-performance vehicles and support equipment, and enhanced tear resistance enables highly flexible, articulated interconnections within unit construction rigid mountings.

Digital ABS Plus, the second new material, enables users to build strong, functional prototypes, manufacturing tools, molds (including injection molds), snap-fit parts for high- or low-temperature use, electrical parts and product casings, among others. It simulates a range of durable production plastics, including standard ABS, with an enhanced toughness and Izod notched impact of 90 to 115 J/m (1.69 to 2.15 foot-pounds/inch).