Sodick Releases Material Recovery System (MRS)

The Automatic Material Recovery System (MRS) is designed for use with Sodick’s OPM metal 3D printing system.


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Sodick has announced the release of a new automation system design for its OPM line of additive manufacturing systems. The Automatic Material Recovery System, or MRS Unit, largely removes the operator from the powder handling process while also significantly reducing the volume of powder required for processing, the company says.

The MRS Unit automatically delivers powder into the OPM’s material feeder for use in the additive manufacturing process. As powder is processed and delivered to the OPM’s powder receptacle, the MRS unit conveys this material back for sieving and return to the OPM material feeder. By continually recycling powder without the need for human intervention, the MRS Unit allows the OPM to run continuously for up to a week using just 30 kg of material, Sodick says. This reduced requirement for material-on-hand lowers overhead costs, while greater automation eliminates the most laborious aspects of metal 3D printing.

Sodick’s MRS Automation system is available as a factory option with all new OPM metal 3D Printers.


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