Sigma Labs Releases Version 3.0.2 of PrintRite3D Inspect

The in-process quality assurance (IPQA) software quantitatively measures melt pool and part quality.


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Sigma Labs has released Version 3.0.2 of its PrintRite3D Inspect in-process quality assurance (IPQA) software. This version of the software is available for new installations and upgrades to existing customers. It features the company’s Thermal Energy Density (TED) in-process quality metric (IPQM), quantitatively measuring melt pool and part quality.

The software enables process engineers to produce an alloy-specific process map generated using the TED metric. This approach to in-process monitoring is designed to enable rapid process qualification, which Sigma Labs believes will result in increased production yields and faster product to market times.

The IPQA-based process map, combined with customer-specific, postprocess quality metric data, is designed to enable process engineers to rapidly and cost effectively establish operating process windows within the larger process map. The update also provides a complete production-level package of statistical process control (SPC) software apps, which digitally supports serial production-quality monitoring at a build, part, layer or scan level, thereby ensuring continuous operation within the qualified processing window.

“This release represents a significant step forward towards ‘closing the loop’ in process quality monitoring and control,” says Sigma Labs CEO John Rice.

With the increased precision of Sigma Labs’ digital TED meltpool metric and part-quality characterization methodology, users will be able to more accurately correlate quantitative melt-pool thermal IPQM data with quantitative post-process quality metric data measured during nondestructive evaluation, metallography or destructive tests.