ShapeGrabber Ai310 Automated 3D Scanner Speeds Inspections

Rapid 2018: The industrial scanner data can be compared to CAD models and used to generate visual reports.
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The Ai310 industrial 3D scanner from ShapeGrabber is designed to reduce inspection time while generating thorough results and automated reports.

The automated 3D scanner is said to enhance 100 percent inspection, statistical process control (SPC) and production part approval processes (PPAP). The scanned data can be compared to spec via direct comparison to CAD models and used to generate visual reports that show deficiencies at a glance.

The systems can also be used to reverse engineer parts. The complete scan data speeds and eases workflows when converting a legacy part into current engineering-grade electronic documents.

Fitted with the SG156 scanhead, the scanner is suitable for inspecting parts in industries including automotive, aerospace and medical.


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