Russell AMPro Sieve Station Aids Powder Recovery

The sieving station helps to ensure the quality of powders used in additive manufacturing (AM). 


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The AMPro Sieve Station from Russell offers a powder-handling solution to ensure the quality of powders used for additive manufacturing (AM). The system can help manufacturers ensure the purity and consistency of powders used in production and reclaim additive powders after a build is complete so that they can be requalified. The AMPro Sieve Station is said to provide fully controllable, repeatable powder handling with minimal operator involvement. 

 A touchscreen interface, which is fully programmable for multiple settings, enables automatic processing of different powders and particle sizes. The system integrates the sieving process, feed and flow management system, and intelligent weigh system, and is controlled via a “one-button” operation, freeing the operator to work on other tasks. With a compact and mobile design, the system has been designed to fit seamlessly into any AM production process, compatible with powder vessel transfer or as part of a closed-loop powder recovery system.

The sieve unit itself provides accurate high-capacity sieving of powders, resulting in fast process times. In addition to being easy to operate, Russell Finex has applied its extensive experience in supplying to sanitary industries to ensure all contact parts are crevice-free and finished to the highest standard, for fast and effective cleaning. This feature allows change-over times within 30 minutes and minimizes cross-contamination risk, the company says.

The versatile unit is completely modular to meet the needs of users at different stages, and is ATEX and ETL compliant to minimize operator exposure to powders. The unit can be purged with inert gas, preserving metal powders such as aluminum and titanium that are susceptible to oxidation and moisture exposure.