4/14/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

RP Platform Launches "Shrink-Wrapping" Solution for Quoting

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The software provider has launched an improved shrink-wrapping process as part of its automated file-checking system.

RP Platform, a provider of workflow management software for additive manufacturing, has launched an improve shrink-wrapping process as part of its automated file-checking system. This process works by creating a virtual layer around a 3D model, enabling quoting based on accurate volume without going through the process of closing individual holes and intersections. According to the company, shrink-wrapping techniques are already used for applications involving complex models with multiple components, such as in the architecture industry. 

RP Platform’s updated process is part of an ongoing drive to streamline and automate quotations for complex, time-consuming projects. Developed in-house, the system allows shrink-wrapping to be easily incorporated into the standard file-checking and quotation process, whether that is managed by an engineer or handled automatically by a specialist website application. According to RP Platform, companies offering AM services will be able to deliver fasterquotations for complex models, even those produced in software not regularly used for AM purposes, while the process of data repair can be factored into the overall project workflow. The result is faster, more consistent delivery of complex orders.

“Within the AM sector, shrink-wrapping has only been utilized very selectively so far," says Keyvan Karimi, RP Platform founder and CEO. "That’s why we decided to develop a faster, more consistent process that could be utilised in many different contexts. I’m very excited to see what our clients will be able to accomplish once they start exploring its applications.”