Polygonica Software Supports 3D Modelling

Rapid 2018: The software toolkit from MachineWorks helps users process 3D models faster. 


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Polygonica from MachineWorks delivers a flexible and interactive software toolkit for shaping 3D models. The functionality provided within Polygonica kernel is said to help create, process or optimize high-end polygonal models faster.

Polygonica’s geometrical modelling features enables users to easily manipulate polygon meshes within specified tolerances. For example, Polygonica enables the design of 3D objects not just based on triangles but on recognized structures, such as high-level machining features on a solid model. It also provides embossing or engraving regions of a solid and localized offsetting of the surface of a solid while managing the surrounding topology.

Additionally, Polygonica modelling capabilities can modify solids using smoothing and fairing algorithms for more fluid designing. According to MachineWorks, the algorithms behind Polygonica provide accurate calculations of the wall thickness on a solid which is essential for the quality of the 3D model. Similarly, the Polygonica modeller also enables fast calculation of lattices to provide internal structure for a hollow solid.