Origin Introduces Open Additive Production Platform

Originally titled 'Open Additive Production Platform Enables Customization'
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Origin announces funding and strategic partnership with BASF to reshape additive manufacturing.


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Origin has announced the introduction of its “open additive production” platform as well as a partnership with BASF to develop materials for this platform. The product includes extensible software, modular hardware, and materials from BASF and other partners.

Origin plans to create an open ecosystem, with new chemistries that will allow customization so companies can scale and meet demand in their market with the material of their choice. Working with BASF over the last year, Origin has developed a print process for BASF’s new photopolymers that produces a combination of surface finish, mechanical strength and throughput that surpasses anything currently on the market.

"This is just the start of our partnership with BASF,” says Chris Prucha, Origin CEO and founder. “We’re excited to work with BASF to launch new materials that will go way beyond what’s available today, and unlock high volume additive production. Our open network approach with BASF and other material partners will fundamentally reshape manufacturing and global supply chains.”


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