OR Laser Introduces Orlas Cube for Laser Cladding

Rapid 2018: The enclosed system is compatible with all laser sources and processing heads from OR Laser. 
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The Orlas Cube from OR Laser is designed for laser cladding applications using powder. The system is equipped with a high-quality, extremely precise axis system and a durable, stable granite processing table which enables even challenging tasks with high precision, the company says. 

The Orlas Cube accommodates cost-efficient and high-quality laser processing of small or medium-sized components within a closed machining case for laser safety. The processing case is also removable, or can be moved to the back of the system for crane loading, enabling the processing of large or palletized workpieces. 

The Cube system can be used with all laser sources and processing heads from OR Laser, meaning that it can be deployed as a welding system or compact cutting system as well as a powder cladding system. 

The machine is controlled by a 10.2" touchscreen display, and machining strategies can be generated directly with the system using the built-in Orlas Suite CAM software.