Open Mind HyperMill Software Offers Additive Capabilities

RAPID 2020: Open Mind Technologies HyperMill CAM software offers an additive manufacturing capability option to support 3D printing/additive processes.


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Open Mind Technologies

Key additive applications of Open Mind Technologies’ HyperMill Additive Manufacturing software include repair of damaged components, cladding of additional surface skins, or creation of new components from a substrate.

Open Mind Technologies’ HyperMill CAM software supports 3D printing processes and provides efficient hybrid processing with simultaneous additive and subtractive processing on one machine.

For complex 5-axis simultaneous processing, HyperMill Additive Manufacturing enables an array of flexible options for Directed Energy Deposition (DED) processes and Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM). Both laser-based powder nozzle machining heads and WAAM can be controlled using HyperMill Additive Manufacturing for selective material deposition, as well as programmed and automatically simulated for collision avoidance.

HyperMill enables users to perfectly program the cladding and milling together. True-to-detail additive and subtractive simulation as well as stock tracking between the individual process steps guarantee the greatest possible reliability.