Omegasonics’ CleanMor 706 Dissolves Support Material Quickly, Cleanly

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The liquid detergent removes delicate support material from pieces that use 706 material.


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Omegasonics announced the release of CleanMor 706, a cleaning detergent for removing delicate support material from pieces produced by Stratasys Object 3000 3D printers that use SUP 706 support material.

The non-hazmat detergent is said to speed up the process of removing delicate support material by a factor of 500 percent. Operators using CleanMor 706 can simply pour the liquid detergent into the ultrasonic tank to quickly dissolve the support material without discoloring or drying out the piece, according to the company.

The cleaning solution was developed to help a hospital remove intricate support material from pediatric hearts and organ molds prior to surgery. Previously, the healthcare facility was utilizing a harsh powder that released dust particles in the air, and considered installing an eye wash station to protect employees from injury.


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