Nanogrande Launches MPL-1 Nano 3D Printer

The nanoscale 3D printer is designed to layer metal particles smaller than 5 microns.


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Nanogrande is launching its MPL-1 additive manufacturing (AM) system at FABTECH 2018. The company, which develops and sells additive manufacturing solutions with different materials, is introducing a patented method of particle assembly with this printer.  

The MPL-1 makes it possible to assemble metal particles of different sizes, shapes and types. According to the company, current 3D printing technologies are limited in their ability to layer particles smaller than 20 microns. The MPL-1 3D printer is said to enable uniform layering and controlled packing density of metal particles smaller than 5 microns. The nanoscale printer is designed for use by manufacturers of high-precision components and micro parts.