Nanofabrica's Tera 250 Enables Micron Level Accuracy


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Nanofabrica has unveiled its micro additive manufacturing (AM) technology, the Tera 250, said to be the only commercially available AM platform that can produce micro products with micron resolutions. There are 250 tera voxels in the build volume of the printer, which means means 250 trillion voxels in the build area of the printer.

Due to the high voxel capacity, Nanofabrica’s Tera 250 has the ability to apply a lot of data onto one part, which means highly precise and micron level accuracy can be achieved. Through the use of Nanofabrica’s technology, micro manufacturers are expected to be able to realistically assess a shift to AM from conventional manufacturing processes. OEMs are said to benefit from the advantages of promoting part complexity with no increase in cost, eliminating the needs for expensive tooling, reducing part counts and the need for assembly, speeding product development time, easy revision of part design, mass customization, reduction in waste and reduction in energy costs.

Nanofabrica’s AM technology combines innovation in materials, software, and hardware to allow the repeatable mass manufacturing of micro parts and components with micron-scale features. The company says this technology is a compelling option for manufacturers in the areas of optics, semi-conductors, electronics, MEMS, micro fluidics, injection molding, and life sciences, making products such as casings for microelectronics, micro springs, micro actuators and micro sensors, and numerous medical components such as micro valves, micro syringes, and micro implantable or surgical devices.