Multi-Orifice Nozzle Improves Polymer 3D Printing Throughput

Rapid 2018: Manufactured by Strangpresse, the nozzle adjusts during printing to the desired bead size. 
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Strangpresse has been granted exclusive U.S. and international licensing to manufacture a multi-orifice polymer deposition nozzle, invented by Oak Ridge National Lab, for use in additive manufacturing (AM).

According to the company, this nozzle will overcome a current challenge in AM systems, by enabling both high resolution and high material throughput. This is possible through equipping the AM system with nozzles of selectable diameter. The multi-orifice nozzle improves the deposition, quality and speed of AM parts by coaxially adjusting the nozzle orifice to the desired bead size during deposition, including multiple deposit configurations and a stop feature.

This extrusion nozzle includes two selectable orifice sizes. The endpoint or contact plane of the nozzle remains in the same position for either orifice, thereby enabling a consistent build. Concentricity of the nozzles prevents restriction of the workspace. This invention is compact and requires low actuation forces because the design is nearly pressure balanced. In addition, the internal volume of the nozzle does not change when switching from one orifice to the other, the company says.

According to Strangpresse, the multi-orifice nozzle can be retrofitted to most current medium and large-scale AM systems in the market.