Lubrizol’s Powder TPU for 3D Printing Passes Skin Sensitization Tests


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Lubrizol Engineered Polymers’ Estane 3D TPU M95A powder TPU has passed skin sensitization and cytotoxicity tests in accordance with ISO 10993-5 and 10993-10. According to the company, this enables Estane 3D TPU M95A to be a valuable material solution for product designers exploring 3DP for end-use applications that require skin contact.

Skin contact suitability is the latest attribute to round out a broader list of benefits that Estane 3D TPU M95A brings to applications, including high levels of flexibility, durability, impact and chemical resistance, and energy rebound. Commercially available, Estane 3D TPU M95A is certified for use on the HP Jet Fusion 4200 series 3D printing solution – the only TPU certified as such. With an existing installed base, 3DP can be immediately deployed to helping solve critical supply shortages for Personal Protection Equipment needed to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.