Lubrizol Estane 3D TPU Grades for Fused Filament Fabrication Now Available in the Ultimaker Marketplace


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The Lubrizol Corporation’s three Estane 3D TPU grades for fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printing applications are now available in the Ultimaker Marketplace. The added grades include Estane 3D TPU F94A-055 or HH PL, Estane 3DP TPU 98A, and Estane 3DP TPU F70D.

The three grades offered by Lubrizol enable end-user printing with TPU from outdoor parts with cold flexibility to parts that need long-term high-heat stability. The company says filaments produced from the Estane TPU grades are soft and flexible materials that can offer abrasion and chemical resistance while providing a high level of impact resistance. The TPU grades are said to extrude consistently for ease of print and be compatible with Ultimaker printers.

Lubrizol’s three Estane 3D TPU grades fill demands from Ultimaker’s customers printing FFF applications for industrial jigs and fixtures, prototypes, end-use parts and flexible parts such as orthopedic insoles.